An international market leader in plumbing, indoor climate and infrastructure solutions across Europe, North America and in other international markets. it partners building industry professionals to develop the most efficient, reliable and high-performing solutions available to residential and commercial structures around the globe. Leading WP6 - Exploitation & Exploration and responsible for the Modular system structure and interfaces (task 6.2) and the Energy dashboard and component communication (task 6.5).

Uponor will lead the Innovation Management Team (integrated in WP1). 


Ilari is the Vice President, Group VP of New Business Development and CSR. He has 25 years of experience in industry, R&D and consultancy in the fields of HVAC technologies, low energy housing, and renewable energy systems. He is an Executive Board and Steering Committee member in E2BA, Chair of the board of RYM Oy (the national construction technology platform in Finland), and High Level Group member in ECTP.


Süleyman is currently working as the director of Innovation Management, in the department of New Business Developments & CSR, Uponor. Titled as PhD in Energy System optimization and MSc in Thermal engineering/Nuclear engineering, Dr. Dag has 7 years of experience in research, industrial energy systems optimizations and industrial energy systems in cooperation with district heating systems. Additionally, he has over 15 years of experience in industry, consultancy, business development and product management in various energy sectors, such as energy management, nuclear engineering. He also owns extensive experience in running own start-ups in energy optimization and software development of simulation and control tools.


Qian is working as a research specialist in the department of New Business Developments & CSR, Uponor. He is also working partly as an affiliated faculty co-supervisor and project leader in the division of Fluid and Climate Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. His main research focuses on retrofitting technology, low-temperature heating/high temperature cooling systems, and simulation of building energy performance. Qian is a main project developer of several Swedish and EU research projects currently and in the past years. Areas of expertise also involve ventilation and thermal comfort, LCC/LCA modeling of residential buildings, numerical and analytical modeling, and project management. Qian is also an active member of both Nordic and European reference groups in the field of renewable energy technology in the built environment.


Jan Babiak is a Project Manager of International Engineering, in the Uponor Building Solutions – Europe responsible for competence development and technical assistance for international project business with indoor and outdoor climate systems and renewable energy sources. He is a REHVA Fellow, and gained the REHVA’s Young Scientist Award 2008. Jan was also a member of World-GBC task group Offices, part of the Better Places for People campaign. He holds a doctor degree in Civil Engineering from the STU Bratislava and conducted his further studies at the FH Burgenland Austria and research works at the DTU Denmark. Jan gained experience in R&D, Standardisation, HVAC industry and infrastructure, particularly in a scope of energy sources, indoor climate engineering, human thermal comfort, indoor air quality and LCCA of building components.