The consortium comprises a wealth of experience, including four universities, four SMEs, one professional association, one SME cluster and two large companies.


One of the major universities in the Dutch-speaking region of Europe. The faculty of Engineering and Architecture has more than 2.200 students, 150 professors and 800 researchers. Ghent University leads the project team and coordinates the project. 


A team of environmental researchers, connectors and communicators, who are experienced in developing tailored, multidisciplinary solutions to sustainability challenges. It is leading WP7 Communication & dissemination activities ‘promoting the concept’. 


Founded in 1829 and ranked as one of the best technical universities in Europe and in the Nordics. The International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy conducts research in energy efficient climate conditioning systems and their integration into buildings. DTU is leading WP4: Concept and Impact validation by field measurements and dynamic computer simulations.


A competence cluster comprising 4 universities and 15 SMEs as full members, and about 20 other entities as cooperating members. Its scope is in energy savings in general, and it provides research services for general purpose saving means, such as control systems, new materials, ICT support systems etc. It is the leader of WP5 People planet profit validation.


An expert consulting-engineering company specialising in geothermal energy and other renewable energy resources. A pioneer in geothermal applications of low and very low enthalpy in Spain, industry-leading innovative projects with high-energy efficiency and sustainability. In WP4 Geoter will analyse the most effective mortars and polymers to increase the ground conductivity and elements to monitor the underground temperature.


By far the largest university in Belgium in terms of research funding and expenditure, which conducts fundamental and applied research in all academic disciplines with a clear international orientation. A leading university in the field of Science & Technology, including a Research Centre Sustainable Earth and an Energy-Institute. Acting as WP Leader of WP3 “Development of an MPC Toolchain for the hybrid MPC-GEOTABS concepts”


An expert consulting firm specialised in energy efficiency, sustainability and renewable energy design applied to buildings and building services based in Zürich, Switzerland. It advises and supports building owners, developers, architects and specialist consultants in the design process of energy and building services concepts, energy supply strategies and engineering services. It is providing engineering expertise to simplify the design and sizing process and lift constraints often linked to GEOTABS implementation in project work (WP2- Development of a dedicated hybrid MPC-GEOTABS design strategy).


The Federation of European HVAC Associations (founded in 1963) is an umbrella organisation joining European associations in the area of building engineering services, representing more than 100,000 HVAC engineers and technicians from 27 European countries, and with supporter companies representing the HVAC industry. Its mission is to promote the latest technologies, research, knowledge exchange and capacity building and to support EU policy development. In hybrid GEOTABS, REHVA is supporting WP7 - Communication & dissemination activities promoting the concept. 


An independent design and consultancy company focussing on energy and technology in buildings, working closely together with architects, structural engineers, investors and contractors on their projects. BOY conceptualises, designs, follows up construction and hands over MEP installations in buildings and sites. BOY’s portfolio covers a wide range of building typologies, and different scale, often with high architectural quality. BOY is responsible for WP2: Development of a dedicated hybrid MPC-GEOTABS Design strategy and leading the tasks 2.2: Building stock analysis and 2.5: Development of sizing tools for the feasibility study and pre-design stage.


The University stands out for its innovative approach to learning and international outlook. 


An international market leader in plumbing, indoor climate and infrastructure solutions across Europe, North America and in other international markets. It partners building industry professionals to develop the most efficient, reliable and high-performing solutions available to residential and commercial structures around the globe. Leading WP6 - Exploitation & Exploration and responsible for the Modular system structure and interfaces (task 6.2) and the Energy dashboard and component communication (task 6.5).


One of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems. As a family business company, it puts great emphasis on responsible action and a long-term vision. Sustainability is firmly embedded in the company’s guiding principles, the daily practice of which aims at balancing economic, ecological and social responsibility throughout the entire organization. Responsible for 2 tasks in WP6 - Exploitation & Exploration.