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Key Modules and Optimisation Approach for hybridGEOTABS Buildings: Background and state‑of‑the‑art

Our consortium partners, Héctor Cano Esteban, Qian Wang, Jan Hoogmartens and Ongun Berk Kazanci introduce hybrid MPC GEOTABS and its key modules, and their optimisation in the REHVA Journal's February 2019 edition.


As the first article of a serial of project disseminations, this paper introduces the working principle of hybrid GEOTABS, as well as their main components/modules. The optimization approach of key modules in common practice is also discussed. This article aims at providing a basic knowledge of the concept as a preparation for the up-coming optimization development and integration of the involved key modules.

Subjects wthin the article focus on:

Hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems : TABS and its optimization approach

Heat pump and secondary system module and its optimization

Geothermal and renewable supply module optimization

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As a renewable source, geothermal is a globally efficient and abundant energy source. In this content, it is more important to use this resource efficiently in corrected designed systems. The combination of TABS, heat pumps and GHEX shows to be an efficient solution that has potentials to maximize the advantages of each component. Different approaches of how each module are optimized as common practices have been intro-duced in this article. However, the challenges lie in the further integration and interactions of the above modules/components by means of, e.g., MPC control system. These aspects will be continuing introduced in the following up articles in the serial.