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Filip Jorissen from KU Leuven shall be presenting his PhD defense entitled:

Toolchain for Optimal Control and Design of Energy Systems in Buildings

on Friday April 20th 2018 at 17:00 CEST in the ‘promotiezaal’, at Naamsestraat 22, 3000 Leuven (details). The defense will be followed by a reception in the ‘jubileumzaal’.

A brief summary of the research can be found here.

Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible and before April 10th through this link.


PhD Defense Summary : Filip Jorissen

Supervisors: Prof. Lieve Helsen and Prof. Wim Boydens

Toolchain for Optimal Control and Design of Energy Systems in Buildings

The use of contemporary optimisation technologies can improve the current practice of control and design of buildings. More specifically, the energy efficiency of the control of heating, cooling and ventilation systems in buildings can be improved through the use of optimal control techniques such as Model Predictive Control (MPC). The design and sizing of these systems can also be improved using other optimization techniques. Furthermore, the simultaneous optimization of control and design unlocks further cost reductions. The market introduction of MPC is however hampered by the complexity and the amount of work required for developing an MPC, since MPCs are usually custom developed for each building. This PhD work therefore presents a practical and automated methodology for developing MPCs that is much easier to use than existing approaches, also by non-experts. Furthermore, the computation time required for these optimizations is reduced significantly. The methodology is applied to a complex case study building model using computer simulations, where theoretical energy savings of more than 50% are predicted, while also maintaining thermal comfort. This automated optimal control methodology is further integrated into an optimal design loop, which thus performs a global optimization of design and control. This nested optimization results in considerable investment cost savings for the case study building.