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Lukáš Ferkl (Energoklastr & CTU Prague) gave a presentation on energy efficient ways of building during the seminar “EFEKT: Savings - Innovation - Strategy”, which was held in Brno (CZ) on November 1st, 2018. 

Every year, this event is an opportunity for experts to share their visions, present new technologies and provide detailed analyses of the energy sector to general public. The seminar was organized by EGÚ Brno and took place in Brno New Town Hall.

It was attended by 126 visitors. The prestige of the seminar was ensured by granting the official guardianship of the Mayor of the Statutory City of Brno, Ing. Peter Vokrov. The professional guarantee of the seminar was taken over by Mr. Mgr. Martin Ander, Ph.D., Deputy Mayor of Brno.

The National Energy Savings Center and the Energy Consumers' Association as partners of the seminar have supported a high level of professional expertise. Media partners were Energy Energetics, the Energy Management Association and the server.