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As part of the day MPC Workshop at UCEEB CVUT on 17th October 2018 (Prague), an afternoon visit was arranged to see one of our Case Study buildings, an elementary school in Libeznice, where MPC has been installed from the outset, with TABS and geothermal heating and cooling. Delegates from the workshop and consortium members had the opportunity to view the MPC in situ, and the award-nominated school and grounds. The school is situated in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, and was completed in 2015.

It consists of eight classrooms and ancillary rooms arranged in a striking circular ‘doughnut’ shape around a central play area. It accommodates 240 pupils. Heating and cooling are supplied via geothermal energy fed via a Ground Source Heat Pump from six boreholes.

Libeznice school is one of the demonstrator buildings of our project, with an MPC controlling part of the HVAC system from the time of its commissioning. The main partner in charge of this demonstrator is Energoklastr.

The original controller was connected to the heat pump of the system, but since October 15th 2018, a full MPC control – designed within the hybridGEOTABS project of the school building - is now working. Sensors have been fitted in the classrooms to test the indoor environment - something difficult to keep untouched in a school!

The Libeznice school building thus became the first functional MPC demonstration of our project.

Projektil architekti s.r.o. who designed the school, provide some more information on their website:

An elementary school for 240 pupils in 8 classrooms, which also serve as the premises for afterschool activities. The building is designed in an annular shape with an eccentric round atrium,which is surrounded by a multifunctional foyer, integrating a corridor, children’s lockers and a common area. The school’s cafeteria flexible layout allows an easy rearrangement, creating space for performances of the Elementary Art school, or lectures with film screening. All of this on 1000m2 of usable area.

in cooperation with:
ing.arch. bohdana linhartová
ing.arch. marek sankot
msc. arch. adam hašpica

graphic design: design studio KULTIVAR (Zuzana Brychtová Horecká and Ondřej Šorm)