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hybridGEOTABS will be hosting a workshop at CLIMA2019 26-29 May in Bucharest, Romania, targeting HVAC designers and engineering students.

"Towards Optimised Performance, Design and Comfort in hybridGEOTABS Buildings"

At present, the exact date and time of the workshop and training is to be confirmed...between 27-29 May - watch this space for more info when scheduled!

Workshop Synopsis:

In this workshop, the effects of radiant heating and cooling systems on Indoor Environmental Quality are discussed, as well as the design of hybridGEOTABS buildings.

In the first part of the workshop, the benefits of TABS for the IEQ in buildings are highlighted. Because TABS is most easy to apply in new buildings, a newly developed solution for existing buildings (renovation) is introduced, which is a radiant heating and cooling system with high thermal inertia (using Phase Change Materials).

The second part of the workshop starts from the challenge of optimal sizing of both the GEOTABS and secondary heating/cooling system in hybridGEOTABS buildings, controlled by use of Model Predictive Control. Starting from the state-of-the-art design processes, the ongoing R&D towards a new design procedure allowing optimal integration and sizing of hybridGEOTABS, is explained. These developments will lead to a holistic and easy-to-use design procedure for feasibility studies and predesign, avoiding case-by-case simulation work.

Chair: Lieve Helsen (KU Leuven)

Speakers: Lieve Helsen (KU Leuven), Eline Himpe (Ugent), Ongun Berk Kazanci (DTU), Qian Wang (Uponor/KTH), Wim Boydens (Boydens Engineering)

Attendants will learn the advantages of radiant heating and cooling systems from an energy and comfort perspective and how these are designed in the context of the overall optimization of hybridGEOTABS systems. They will also be introduced to innovative design procedures for these systems.

CLIMA 2019 continues with the longstanding tradition to offer several practical, interactive workshops beside the plenary paper sessions. The workshops are organised by REHVA and its international sister associations, European research and innovation projects, as well as REHVA supporter companies representing leading HVAC manufactures and service providers. We are happy to announce the first set of interesting workshops awaiting our CLIMA 2019 participants.

hybridGEOTABS integration of GEOTABS (Geothermal heat pumps in combination with Thermally Activated Building Systems) with secondary heating and cooling systems offers huge potential to meet heating and cooling needs throughout Europe in a sustainable way, while providing a very comfortable conditioning of the indoor space.