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Our hybridGEOTABS August 2018 Newsletter is now available, and is dedicated to our partners' research and application of Model Predictive Control in the GEOTABShybrid project.  

When combining GEOTABS with secondary heating & cooling systems in GEOTABShybrid, one of the key operational challenges is to decide at each point in time, again and again, which of the systems should be used. The GEOTABShybrid  solution therefore proposes the integration of both systems using an advanced type of control, Model Predictive Control (MPC).

Are you excited to know more about MPC: what it is and how it works? What MPC can do to optimize comfort and system operation, to reduce operational costs and environmental impact? How the controller models are developed? How it is practically applied and implemented? Want to see how it operates in real buildings? Are you a HVAC or control engineer, control practitioner, control company, researcher, architect, investor or building owner...?
Then join our MPC Workshop in Prague on October 17th 2018 Register Here
(in-person or via web-conference)!