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Wim, as board member of EHPA, participated as an invited guest to the 2018 Asia Heat Pump and Thermal Storage Network Workshop in Busan, South Korea.

The event "Go Green! Make a clean earth through heat pump technology", was organised and hosted by KTL (Korean Testing Laboratory) & KHPIF (Korean Heat Pump Industry Forum) on 6th Sept. Read more about them on their website

He gave the professional audience more insight in the EU policies, market development and state of the art in research and practice and participated in the panel discussions. System integration was illustrated by presenting the complex challenge of the hybridGEOTABS project. About 50 participants were industry association delegates & researchers from leading, as well as emerging, Asian countries (Korea, India, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam & China). The panel discussions were focused on the renewable and residual energy supply (R²ES), the policy makers point of view towards Heat Pumps in this regard in the different countries and the exchange of lessons learned and search for common ground.


In Asia, huge efforts are noticed on refrigerant transition, quality and deployment of small size heat pumps as replacement for fossil boiler use and more industrial and large size connected solutions are in full progress. A clean and healthy environment for the population is one of the main drivers. A helpful, guiding and scientifically sound regulatory frame is being worked on in most countries, and the network tries to join forces and progress. A clear sight on the Vietnam energy status was presented by professor Pham, HUST, which enables a clear sustainability awareness strategy for the Vietnam branches of Boydens Engineering.