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Ongun and Nico complete their road trip installing sensors at Ter Potterie, Bruges...

We are back from our 4000 km road trip around Europe. We installed several sensors for indoor environment monitoring in hybrid GEOTABS buildings.  We installed sensors in Solarwind in Arlon, Luxembourg, in an elementary school in Libeznice, Czech Republic and Ter Potterie in Bruges, Belgium.

The installed sensors are in addition to the advanced BMS in these buildings and will allow us to study the indoor environment in details. These physical measurements will be supported with questionnaires.  The measurements will continue for about 2.5 years and will allow us to quantify the benefits of Model Predictive Control (to be implemented later) compared to Rule Based Control.

Special thanks to Gerald Parnis, Leif CHIOTIS, Jiří Cigler andJarno Tempelaere. hybridGEOTABS project - REHVA Showcase Page