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Ongun Berk Kazanci and Nico Henrik Ziersen, from DTU, are travelling on an 8-day road trip around Europe... installing monitoring equipment into our DEMO Buildings. The installed sensors are in addition to the advanced BMS in these buildings and will allow us to study the indoor environment in details. These physical measurements will be supported with questionnaires.  The measurements will continue for about 2.5 years and will allow us to quantify the benefits of Model Predictive Control (to be implemented later) compared to Rule Based Control.


Tuesday 30th Jan - Arrived in Arlon late in the evening after our 10.5hrs (1000km) journey from DTU in Copenhagen

Weds 31st Jan - Arrived at Solarwind, nr Arlon

Installation of all the sensors in different parts of building with varying uses/sizes - reception area, two-person office, two-person office (corner office) and an open-plan office area.  We are 90% done. Speaking to the building managers tomorrow about the questionnaires, and make some last checks.